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Little Lady - Chapter 1

Hopefully, this works. Editing for content (vs. for grammar) can be so touchy sometimes. >.>

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>.> Okay, so I didn't get as far as I wanted to.


HakuYou Fic - Prologue

Hmm... no way to tell for sure yet, but at a guess, I'd say this is probably going to be AU. I don't think Lydia's going to make it to summer before becoming pregnant. ^^;

Little Lady

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>.> I *so* can't write romance, so trying to write Edgar is... >.<;; Worse still, not only am I in a serious writing slump, I still can't grasp the characters well enough to write decently either. >.<;; I hate pulling teeth. Still, the shower is, by far, the most 'productive' and fertile ground for plot bunnies. :P

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残された仕事 序幕

初伯妖二次創作になりますが うん。。。 どうかしら?まだ喋り方やキャラをうまく掴んでない気がするね。トホホ。 -_-;;

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うん。。。やっぱうまくいかないな。。。 >。>  全然うまく書けないし 言いたいこともはっきり書けない。伯妖だからかな?悪霊ならちゃんと書けるかな?後で試してみるが ひどいスランプかも知らない。 >.>

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WIP Meme >.<;;

(Whoops, almost posted this on the wrong LJ. ^^; )

Ouch. Maybe this'll boot my butt into gear. >.<;; Snagged from akinarei

Post a quote from each WIP you have--no context, no explanations.


「でも、あの所長が王子様だなんて。確かに外見はオーケーが 中身は絶望的に似合わない。」

"You haven't told Mai about the GPS, have you?"

一人で生きるため 他人に心のすべてを開かない、あんまり頼らない、甘えない。

「。。。え? 死んだ。。。? 。。。。。。あたし。。。が?」

"Lin... you betrayed me, didn't you?"


When she could retreat no further, Mai held her hands up in defeat; the sweater hung from one hand almost like a black flag of surrender.

"If you can call not showing up at the office at all being 'late', then yes, you were late," he said.

"Unfortunately, in Mai's case, astral travel is something you 'accidentally do'. Control isn't part of her vocabulary."

"Aa! Yasuhara-san, give that back! I'm going to shred that thing, so give it back!"

I think I have some more hiding somewhere, but...... ^^;; Probably, one or two of these are concept scribbles that didn't get anywhere. Still, yikes! Too many things partially scribbled out. ^^;



「幽情」はタイトルになるかな。。。?今、NaNoのため、猛書き込み中ですが、書き終えてないのに焼き直し?!ちょっと情けない!ま、今朝まで調査内容とか調査内容とかははっきり決まっていなかったから それも原因で 訳分からないものばかり書いてた気しますね。調査内容とか最初決めろや!あはは。(笑い事か?それ本当に笑っていいのか?!)

でも、焼き直しは多分12月にならなければ始まれないかな?NaNoが終えるとすぐ日本語能力試験ですから。そして、NaNo中で焼き直しなんて多分無理。今も書いてるのに5万単語まで書けるかは少し怪しい。そして、今月中その上焼き直しをするには無理がある。出来るだけ、このストーリを早く書き終えたい。そして、多分二度と日本語でNaNoをしないかも知らない。。。。。。 本当はどうかな?普通なら楽しいだと思いますが 日本語能力試験への勉強に全然成ってないので そのためなら駄目。勉強は勉強ですね。あはは!ま、今年の試験合格するのは多分無理だと思います。漢字の勉強全然してないし、読解も、ほかのことも全然。こうなったら無理に決まってます。やってるのはNaNoのための二次創作作り。 (それのどこが勉強なの?!) ^^; やっぱ、今年は無理かな。ま、来年もあるし、その時はもっと勉強に努力しなくちゃ。今日どれくらい書けるか分かりませんががんばります!ではでは!


?!? Brain! What happened to you??

While thinking of NaNo and whether the current outline is sufficient or not, a weird weird scene popped to mind. It's an 'after the fact' style scene of the Regulars and Irregulars all talking about something that happened during a 'previous case'. The concept for that 'case'? Sleeping Beauty! (Oh 'Prince Charming'~! Who?!) ^^;; The question now is whether I change my planned NaNo or if I stick with the current idea, or maybe somehow work it into my NaNo...?? Don't know if I can manage that. ^^; More to the point, I think this is a serious sign that my brain's shot. ^^;

Just under three weeks to go. Must get off my butt and get working on things. >.<;


4. 呟いたのはあなたの名前

And topic #4. Poor Mai. :P

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Why must plotting and writing be worse that pulling teeth right now? Why?? *sigh*

**Almost forgot to mention that I'm not entirely sure how holidays and uni schedules work over there. The places I checked didn't have full uni calendar details like they do here! >.<;; As a result, I'm hoping I'm at least relatively close on guessing for school term timing. Definitely not sure though. Start of the year is awfully close to Golden Week for uni. *sigh*


3. 瞳を閉じて思い出すのは

And Topic #3. :P Oh, and in case it's not painfully obvious, none of these have been proof-read. They're raw writings from the J version. I'll get around to that part later. ^^; Things get more fun with the next one. These first ones are mostly 'stuff'. :P

Hope you enjoy. ^_^

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2. 離れてみて気がついた

Hmm... as mentioned way earlier, not quite in character. ^^; It's even worse in English as certain language aspects are lost between the two languages as well. I think this is the only Naru POV topic for this series, which is good. He's very hard to write! >.<;; Mai's much easier. :P

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More to follow later. :P